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A wrenched back or stiff neck are extremely painful, but if you go to the clinic there is little more they can do than offer painkillers and suggest heat and ice.


Sarah specializes in sports injuries and optimizing athletic ability. They are both taking new patients.

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Vital Life Chiropractic

Wondering what Chiropractic care can do for you? Whether you have a long-term injury or problem joint, or you are just looking to optimize your health to the fullest, Vital Life Chiropractic can assist Newchester residents like you in reaching your goals.

Founded by the Drs. Wells, Vital Life Chiropractic has been at the Newchester location for three years. Appointments are available Tuesday-Saturday with some evenings and lunch hour appointments available. Anyone who needs treatments is able to access it at Vital Life Chiropractic.

What We Do

Our Services

Vital Life Chiropractic offers diverse services. We focus on traditional chiropractic manipulation, as well as modern use of equipment. Our holistic philosophy integrates imaging and bodywork, as well asnatural supplements. We are happy to answer any questions during your consultation about what services may best address your needs.


X-rays are taken on site and used to spot problems and track progress. If you need the x-rays for any other practitioner, we are happy to fax them over once you have signed a release.


Chiropractors are equipped to confront many childhood concerns, such as asthma, bedwetting, colic, focus and ear infections. Early care for children starts them off a great path for life.

CBD Oil Consulting

Vital Life Chiropractic uses complementary treatments in the form of CBD oil as well as essential oils to enhance the benefits patients experience from their chiropractic treatments.


What Our Customers Say About Us

“I was on the road to being homebound until being treated by Dr. Patel. He helped me regain mobility in my lower body and reduced my lower back pain. Now I’m living my best life again. Thank you, Dr. Patel.”
- Laura, Manchester
“You won’t need any other therapies after seeing Sarah. She helped both my carpal tunnel and my asthma. Now I don’t need to see my physical therapist or pulmonologist anymore. Big Win!”
- Laura, Maine