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New Construction

When you are building a new house, the process can seem overwhelming. We like to handle as much of the organization for you from beginning to end. We can handle coordinating tradesmen as well as the building process, and walk you from an idea to getting your first set of keys in an uncomplicated process.

Carey Builders has recommendations of local architects, concrete companies, plumbers, electricians and more to complete your building process. We have established relationships over the years to coordinate building as efficiently as possible. If you’d like a list of recommendations we are happy to provide the document via email.


Adding on to a house presents its own challenges and advantages. Depending on the type of addition, you may need to have a basement extension poured before building work can be done. Once that is complete, we are able to complete any needed demolition of connecting walls and begin framing as soon as possible.


About 20% of our builds over the years have been restorations. Unique for builders in New England and the mid-Atlantic regions, some of the oldest wooden, European structures in the country are in our regions. It is important to cultivate skills and knowledge for restoring or adding on to these older homes.

Depending on local ordinances, some restoration constructions projects will be regulated by rules to keep historical accuracy. These details must be straightened out by the owner and architect at the permitting stage. Over the years we have become experienced with some of the materials that are best suited to meeting these regulations and are happy to go over this information in the planning stages with you.

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