Handy Haley

My name is Haley Wolsky. I’ve been in business as a handywoman in Watertown for five years. Before that I went to Watertown High School, where I was a championship winner in track and field and where I learned all my woodworking skills from Mr. Crenshaw’s shop class. Hey, Mr. C, told you I’d shout you out!

I got my first toolset from my dad at age 5. They were pink. He taught me all about fixing things and making them nice. By 10, I built a 6ft bookshelves on my own (with pre-cut lumber, of course). It was only a little crooked.

My love for fixing and improving has never ended, and I like to think my skills have improved since then. My bookshelves aren’t crooked anymore, at least. When you have something in need of repair, or you want to add something new like a railing or shelf to your home, I have the skills and experience to make your vision a reality.

Nothing is too small for me to fix.

Our Services


Nothing is worse than having a significant home fixture break. Whether a shelf fell down or your sink is clogged, give me a call...


If you have new materials that need to be installed, I am happy to do that as well. Dropping in a new sink basin? Swapping out some kitchen cabinet knobs? These are all covered by my installation fee of $75 plus $25/hr after the fourth hour.

Custom woodwork

Woodworking has remained a lifelong hobby of mine. If you’re looking for something special in your home, such as a hand-carved railing or custom...

What our clients say about us


“Haley installed a new vanity in my bathroom. It’s one of those fancy bulbed mirrors.
Now I can actually see to do my make-up! Thanks, Haley, awesome job”

- Kerri S.


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